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Beheaded are disembodied floating heads transformed into undead. They are natural candidates for a necromancer’s “project minion,” due to the inexpensive cost of creation and endlessly customizable nature. In any lair occupied for long by practicing necromancers, it isn’t uncommon to find a handful of floating heads roaming about, each exhibiting completely different characteristics and even degrees of expertise in their creation.

Monstrous Heads

While the traditional image of a beheaded is that of a disembodied human head or skull, necromancers can create beheaded out of any sort of head. This variety can lead to extremely distinctive beheaded, heads, medusa heads, or those of even rarer creatures. Occasionally, such beheaded retain weakened versions of their original special abilities from the constituent creature instead of a beheaded ability, such as a breath a medusa head.

Beheaded Abilities

Beheaded can have abilities as varied as the necromancers who create them.

Lifesense The beheaded has imprecise lifesense out to 60 feet.

Whispering (aura, emotion, fear, mental, necromancy) 30 feet. The beheaded constantly whispers twisted incantations in unknown languages secret and foul. Foes that enter or begin their turn in the area must succeed at a Will save or be stupefied 1. The aura uses the moderate DC for the beheaded’s level.

Furious Headbutt [one-action] Frequency once per round; Effect The beheaded makes a wild Strike, taking a –2 penalty to its AC until the end of its next turn. If the Strike damages a creature, it deals additional damage equal to the beheaded’s level.

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