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Feybound (Rare Background)


About Rare Backgrounds

While most backgrounds are available to any character, some backgrounds are so unusual that just having them makes a character rare and extraordinary.

These rare backgrounds can give a player a significantly different roleplaying experience by setting their character up with a history or legacy beyond the norm. Whether a character with the royalty background is heir to the throne of the kingdom where your campaign takes place or to a distant but powerful nation in the same world, the character is situated in a special position within the narrative. Your character’s background is an intrinsic part of where they come from and not something they earn during the game. Rare backgrounds should be chosen only after a discussion between the GM and the other players as to whether one would apply for a particular character in your group’s game.

Backgrounds can also be unique, such that no other character can have them if your character does. To create unique backgrounds, you can adapt the rare backgrounds in this section by including more specific details.

You have spent time in the First World or another realm of the fey and aren’t entirely the same person you were before.

Perhaps you made a purchase at the legendary Witchmarket or partook deeply of fey food and wine. Whatever the case, willingly or inadvertently, you made a bargain with the fey, the benefits of which come at a price.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.

You are trained in Fey Lore and gain the Fey’s Fortune free action. You must follow some rule or limitation as part of your pact with the fey. If you violate the rule, you lose Fey’s Fortune until you receive the effects of a successful atone ritual using the Nature skill. The exact limitation is up to you and the GM, but the most common requirement is that you must fulfill a single request from any fey who knows your name.

Fey’s Fortune [free-action] (concentrate, fortune)

Frequency once per day; Trigger You attempt a skill check and haven’t yet rolled; Effect Roll the skill check twice and use the better result.

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