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Wellspring Mage

The source of your magic buckles against your control, always pressing to be released.

Wellspring Magic 1st

You regain magic power quickly, but it can be difficult for you to control. You must select Wellspring Mage Dedication as your 2nd-level class feat.

Prerequisites: You must have a class that casts spells with a spell repertoire.

Wellspring Mage Adjustments: You learn spells as normal for your class, but change your spontaneous spellcasting in the following ways.

You can cast fewer spells each day unless you gain more spells thanks to your wellspring. Reduce your number of spell slots of each spell level by 1. Reduce the number of cantrips you gain from your class by 1.

A wellspring of magic fills you with power that’s not fully under your control. When you roll initiative for a non-trivial combat encounter, as well as in other high-stress situations of the GM’s choice, magic wells up within you. Attempt a DC 6 flat check.

Critical Success You temporarily recover an expended spell slot of any level of your choice. The temporary spell slot lasts for 1 minute, and if you don’t use it by then, you experience an immediate wellspring surge. Success As critical success, except you randomly determine the level of spell slot from among your top three spell levels (or all your levels of spell slots if you have fewer than three). The slot lasts 3 rounds instead of 1 minute.

Failure You generate a wellspring surge, with a spell level chosen randomly among your top three levels of spell slots (or all your levels if you have fewer than three).

You can gain a temporary spell slot no more than twice per day. If you would gain a temporary spell slot for a level that has no expended spell slots, there’s no effect. If you use a temporary slot to cast a spell with a duration, the spell ends whenever you would have lost the slot if its duration hasn’t yet elapsed. If you roll for wellspring magic while you currently have a temporary spell slot, you automatically fail the flat check.

Additional Feats: 8th-Energetic Resonance, Spell Relay, 10th-Surging Might, 16th-Scintillating Spell, 18th-Echoing Spell

Wellspring Mage Dedication Feat 2

Rare Archetype Class Dedication

Prerequisite(s) wellspring magic

There’s no longer a limit on how many temporary spell slots you can gain per day from wellspring magic.

Special You can’t select another dedication feat until you gain two other feats from the wellspring mage archetype.

Wellspring Control Feat 4

Archetype Fortune

Prerequisite(s) Wellspring Mage Dedication

When you generate a wellspring surge, roll twice on Table 5–2 and take the result of your choice. This doesn’t apply when you cause another creature to generate a wellspring surge.

Urgent Upwelling [reaction] Feat 6


Prerequisite(s) Wellspring Mage Dedication

Frequency once per 10 minutes

Trigger An enemy reduces you to 0 HP, an enemy critically hits you, or you critically fail a saving throw against an enemy’s effect.

Defeat lets you to tap into your wellspring. Attempt the flat check for wellspring magic. If you critically succeed, you can choose to forgo gaining a temporary spell slot to instead have the triggering enemy undergo a wellspring surge. This surge functions just as it would for you, the only difference being that it emits from the enemy.

Interfering Surge [reaction] Feat 12

Abjuration Archetype

Prerequisite(s) Wellspring Mage Dedication

Trigger A creature you can see Casts a Spell.

Requirements You have an unexpended spell slot and can see the triggering spell’s manifestations.

You overcharge the triggering spell with magic. You expend a spell slot and attempt to counteract the triggering spell using the energy of the expended slot. If the triggering spell is in your repertoire and the spell slot you expended was a high enough level to cast it, you take no penalty. Otherwise, you take a –2 penalty to the counteract check if the triggering spell was cast using the same magical tradition you cast, or a –5 penalty if it was cast using a different tradition.

If the triggering spell is successfully counteracted, it creates a wellspring surge from its caster in addition to the normal effects of being counteracted. If it isn’t counteracted, your expended spell slot creates a wellspring surge from you.

Special This feat has the trait corresponding to the tradition of spells you cast (arcane, divine, primal, or occult).

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