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You enjoy tinkering with equipment and gear, and have learned to quickly engineer solutions to mundane problems. This allows you to quickly and effectively fashion temporary gear from just about anything.

Tinker Dedication Feat 6

Archetype Dedication

Prerequisites Intelligence 14

You dedicate yourself to the crafting of technological items. You become trained in Crafting and gain Specialty Crafting as a bonus feat; if you were already trained in Crafting, you instead become trained in a skill of your choice.

In addition, you can infuse crafting materials with your own engineering essence, allowing you to create equipment at no cost. Each day during your daily preparations, you gain a number of batches of infused materials equal to your level + your Intelligence modifier. You can use these regents for advanced tinkering, as well as certain tinker feats. Together, these infused materials have 1 Bulk.

As soon as you make your next daily preparations, your infused materials from the previous day’s preparations are instantly destroyed, and nonpermanent effects of your previous day’s infused equipment immediately end. While infused materials are physical objects, they can’t be duplicated, preserved, or created in any way other than your daily preparations. Any such artificial materials lack the infusion and are useless for advanced tinkering and similar abilities.

Advanced Tinkering

During your daily preparations, after producing new infused materials, you can spend batches of those infused materials to create infused shields, weapons, or adventuring gear. You don’t need to attempt a Crafting check to do this, and you ignore both the number of days typically required to create the items and any material requirements. Your advanced tinkering level is equal to half your level. For each batch of infused materials you spend, choose a Common shield, weapon, or piece of adventuring gear of your advanced tinkering level or lower whose formula you know, and make one of that item (or two of that item if it has the consumable trait).

These items have the infused trait and remain potent for 24 hours or until your next daily preparations, whichever comes first.

You can’t use this ability to create items with the alchemical or magical traits, and you must know an item’s formula to craft it using advanced tinkering.

Quick Tinkering [one-action] Feat 4

Archetype Manipulate

Cost 1 batch of infused materials

Requirements You have an appropriate set of artisan’s tools, the item design for the item you’re creating if necessary, and a free hand.

You swiftly engineer a piece of gear to use at a moment’s notice. You create a single Common shield, weapon, or piece of adventuring gear of your advanced tinkering level or lower whose formula you possess without having to spend the normal monetary cost in materials or needing to attempt a Crafting check. This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only for 1 minute.

Magical Tinkering Feat 4

Archetype Dedication

Prerequisites Tinker Dedication, expert in Arcana and Crafting

You can use advanced tinkering and Quick Tinkering to create a single Common magical item of your advanced tinkering level – 2, provided you have access to the appropriate formulas. Each magic item you create costs 2 batches of infused materials.

Lingering Tinkering Feat 6

Archetype Dedication

Prerequisites Quick Tinkering, expert in Crafting

When you use Quick Tinkering, items you create remain potent for 10 minutes. This increases to 1 hour if your proficiency rank in Crafting is master or 24 hours if your proficiency rank in Crafting is legendary.

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