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Living Monolith

Note: This archetype requires the character be from a specific region of the official campaign setting world. Consult your GM to find a suitable replacement if playing in a different setting.

You have delved into ancient sphinx magic to imbue your body and soul with the patience and strength of stone, as you work to create a special magical ka stone to finalize your oaths.

Living Monolith Dedication Feat 2

Uncommon Archetype Dedication

Prerequisite(s) Ancient language and Sphinx languages, trained in Crafting; Access You are from a specific region of the world.

You’ve begun to inscribe a magical stone called a ka stone that you will some day tie to your soul. If you fail a recovery check while dying, your dying condition does not increase; if you critically fail, your dying condition increases by only 1. You become trained in Ancient Region Lore, or expert if you were already trained.

Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the living monolith archetype.

Ka Stone Ritual Feat 4

Rare Archetype

Prerequisite(s) Living Monolith Dedication, a sphinx or living monolith with this feat performs a ritual with you.

You inscribe your true name on your ka stone, as well as oaths to gods and pharaohs, and embed it in your forehead in a special ritual with a sphinx or with a living monolith who already has this feat. The ka stone is an invested magic item that you automatically invest each day. It can’t be removed without your permission, nor can it be dispelled, and you can never lose investiture in the ka stone. Its Bulk is negligible.

The ka stone grants you a +1 item bonus to saves against death effects and negative effects, which increases to +2 at 8th level, +3 at 14th level, and +4 at 20th level.

Activate [two-actions] (envision), or a different activation if otherwise specified; Frequency a number of times each day equal to the number of class feats you have from the Living Monolith archetype; Effect You cast enlarge on yourself or use one of the other activated abilities granted by a later Living Monolith feat.

Stone Blood Feat 6


Prerequisite(s) Ka Stone Ritual

You can selectively stop your bleeding with ease. Reduce the DC of flat checks to stop persistent bleed damage you have from 15 to 10, and you can use a single action that has the concentrate trait to gain an early flat check without physically binding the wounds.

You recover naturally from the drained condition twice as quickly as normal.

Fortified Flesh Feat 8


Prerequisite(s) Ka Stone Ritual

Your flesh takes on the hardness of stone. You gain resistance to physical damage (except adamantine) equal to your number of class feats from the Living Monolith archetype.

Attunement To Stone Feat 10


Prerequisite(s) Ka Stone Ritual

You become attuned to the stone around you. When in contact with a stone surface, you gain tremorsense (imprecise) 5 feet along that surface, and you can activate your ka stone to cast meld into stone.

Judgment of the Monolith Feat 12


Prerequisite(s) Ka Stone Ritual

You can use the oaths bound in your ka stone to compel the truth from the living and the dead. You can activate your ka stone to target a single living creature, causing that creature to experience the effects of being in a zone of truth. You can also activate it with a 10-minute activation (envision) to cast talking corpse.

Stone Communion Feat 14


Prerequisite(s) Ka Stone Ritual

You gain a unique communion with the earth and stones. You learn the Terran language and you can Activate your ka stone with a 10-minute activation (envision) to cast stone tell.

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