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Note: This archetype requires the character be from a specific region of the official campaign setting world. Consult your GM to find a suitable replacement if playing in a different setting.

You study the art of dueling, a famed school of bladecraft which has been passed down for over a millennium. One day, you hope to demonstrate your skill at swordplay in order to become acknowledged as a true swordlord.

Duelist Dedication Feat 2

Uncommon Archetype Dedication

Prerequisite(s) trained in dueling swords; Access You are from a specific region of the world.

Your duelist training teaches you martial techniques and increases your dedication to the dueling sword. You become trained in your choice of Acrobatics or Athletics and in Dueling Lore; if you were already trained, you become an expert instead. Whenever your proficiency rank in any weapon increases to expert or beyond, you also gain that new proficiency rank with dueling swords. You gain access to dueling swords.

Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the duelist archetype.

Parry [one-action] Feat 4


Prerequisite(s) Duelist Dedication

Requirement(s) You are wielding only an dueling sword and have your other hand or hands free.

You can parry attacks against you with your dueling sword. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC until the start of your next turn as long as you continue to meet the requirement.

Duelist’s Edge [free-action] Feat 4


Prerequisite(s) Duelist Dedication

Trigger You roll initiative, and you can observe at least one opponent.

You hone your reaction time through duels and learn to draw your weapon seamlessly as you begin a fight. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the triggering initiative roll, and you can immediately Interact to draw your dueling sword.

Riposte [reaction] Feat 6


Prerequisite(s) Parry

Requirement(s) You are benefiting from Parry.

Trigger An opponent within your reach critically fails a Strike against you.

You riposte with your dueling sword when your enemy leaves an opening. Make a melee Strike or use a Disarm action against the triggering opponent using your dueling sword.

Unnerving Prowess [free-action] Feat 6


Prerequisite(s) Duelist Dedication

Trigger You critically succeed at a Strike or Disarm with your dueling sword

Your incredible skill with your blade unnerves your foes. You attempt to Demoralize the target of your Strike or Disarm. This Demoralize attempt does not have the auditory trait, nor do you take a penalty to the check if the target doesn’t understand your language.

Saving Slash [reaction] Feat 10


Prerequisite(s) Duelist Dedication

Trigger An opponent critically hits you with a melee attack.

You quickly whirl your blade, trying to deflect enough momentum to avoid the worst of the attack. Attempt a DC 16 flat check. If you succeed, the attack becomes a normal hit, instead of a critical hit.

Dueling Sword Item 1

Uncommon Finesse Versatile (P)

Price 20 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1

An dueling sword is a slim, single-bladed dueling sword with a slight curve and a sharp, reinforced point. It deals 1d8 slashing damage. A dueling sword is an advanced one-handed melee weapon in the sword weapon group.

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