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Dragon Disciple

The rippling waves of fear, the rustling of thick scales, and the beat of immense wings signal the arrival of a great dragon. The awe-inspiring presence of these creatures makes them worthy of reverence—or even outright worship. Dragon disciples dedicate themselves to becoming like these great beasts, with each disciple striving to typify one variety of dragon. Sorcerers of draconic blood, barbarians with the dragon instinct, and many kobolds with close ties to their draconic predecessors become dragon disciples, but anyone who has encountered one of these terrifying creatures might follow this path.

As a dragon disciple, you study and learn from the example of dragons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you admire the dragons you emulate. While most dragon disciples do indeed revere their chosen dragon, countless tales are told of dragon disciples born of great personal tragedy at the hands of boundless draconic fury.

These disciples have transformed themselves into what they despise in order to gain the power to destroy their draconic tormentor and at long last earn their revenge.

Dragon Disciple Dedication Feat 2

Uncommon Archetype Dedication

Access You are a kobold with the dragonscaled or spellscaled heritage, a dragon instinct barbarian, or a draconic bloodline sorcerer.

You choose to study or worship one type of dragon, and your focus grants you a measure of its power. Choose one color of dragon when you select this feat; if you are a sorcerer with the draconic bloodline, this must be the same type as your bloodline. You gain resistance equal to half your level against one type of damage determined by the chosen dragon type.

The GM may allow you to choose a dragon type not listed below, and will determine the damage type appropriate for that dragon.

You also gain a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws against sleep effects and effects that would make you paralyzed.

Special You can’t select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the dragon disciple archetype. If you later take the sorcerer archetype, you must choose the draconic bloodline.

Claws of the Dragon Feat 4

Source PRG2:APG


Prerequisite(s) Dragon Disciple Dedication

Your fingernails grow into razor-sharp claws, and scales speckle your fingers, hands, and wrists. Your claws are agile, finesse unarmed attacks that deal 1d6 slashing damage and are in the brawling weapon group.

If you’re a draconic sorcerer, when you cast dragon claws, increase the spell’s slashing damage die from d4 to d6 and increase the resistance to 10 at 1st level, 15 at 5th level, and 20 at 9th level.

Draconic Scent Feat 4

Source PRG2:APG


Prerequisite(s) Dragon Disciple Dedication

Your sense of smell is uncanny, much like a dragon’s. You gain imprecise scent with a range of 30 feet. The GM might double the range if you’re downwind from the creature or halve the range if you’re upwind, at their discretion.

Dragon Arcana Feat 4

Source PRG2:APG


Prerequisite(s) ability to cast spells from spell slots, Dragon Disciple Dedication

You’ve discovered how to add the magic of dragons to your tradition. Add the draconic bloodline’s granted spells to your spell list; you must still learn them or add them to your repertoire as normal. These spells are shield, true strike, resist energy, haste, spell immunity, chromatic wall, dragon form, mask of terror, prismatic wall, and overwhelming presence.

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