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You have trained your body to perform incredible, seemingly superhuman feats of grace. You move in ways that leave your opponents caught off guard and fumbling for a response, turning every fight into performance art.

Acrobat Dedication Feat 2

Source PRG2:APG

Archetype Dedication

Prerequisite(s) trained in Acrobatics

You become an expert in Acrobatics. At 7th level, you become a master in Acrobatics, and at 15th level, you become legendary in Acrobatics. Whenever you critically succeed at an Acrobatics check to Tumble Through an enemy’s space, you don’t treat the enemy’s space as difficult terrain.

Special You can’t select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the acrobat archetype.

Contortionist Feat 4

Source PRG2:APG


Prerequisite(s) Acrobat Dedication

You can squeeze out of tight situations surprisingly quickly, gaining an advantage against foes that try to pin you down.

You gain the Quick Squeeze skill feat, and if you’re a master in Acrobatics, you can Squeeze at full Speed. Whenever you successfully Escape using Acrobatics, the creature you Escaped from is flat-footed against the next attack you make against it before the end of your next turn.

Dodge Away [reaction] Feat 6

Source PRG2:APG


Prerequisite(s) Acrobat Dedication

Trigger You are the target of a melee attack.

Requirements You’re aware of the attack and aren’t flat-footed.

You use your acrobatic prowess to evade an attack, using momentum to keep yourself moving, if you choose. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack.

If the attack misses you, you can Step after the Strike. If you’re a master in Acrobatics, you can move 10 feet on this Step instead of 5 feet.

Graceful Leaper Feat 7

Source PRG2:APG

Archetype Skill

Prerequisite(s) Acrobat Dedication, master in Acrobatics Mass and muscle are meaningless when you leap; only grace and balance matter. You can roll an Acrobatics check instead of an Athletics check when making a High Jump or Long Jump.

Tumbling Strike [one-action] Feat 8

Source PRG2:APG

Archetype Flourish Move

Prerequisite(s) Acrobat Dedication

Requirements You are adjacent to an enemy.

Attempt an Acrobatics check against the Reflex DC of an enemy adjacent to you.

Critical Success You move through the enemy’s space to an unoccupied space on the other side of the enemy from your starting position. This movement doesn’t trigger reactions. You can’t move farther than your Speed, and you must end your movement adjacent to the enemy whose space you moved through. After moving, you make a melee Strike against the enemy whose space you moved through, and the enemy is flat-footed against that Strike.

Success As critical success, but the enemy isn’t flat-footed against the Strike.

Failure You remain in your original space but can still Strike.

Critical Failure No effect.

Tumbling Opportunist [free-action] Feat 10

Source PRG2:APG

Archetype Attack

Prerequisite(s) Acrobat Dedication

Frequency once per minute

Requirements Your most recent action was to Tumble Through or Tumbling Strike, and you successfully moved through an enemy’s space.

You use a burst of stamina to perform a breathtaking feat of Acrobatics as you speed through a foe’s space, leaving your foe lying flat on their back. You attempt to Trip the enemy whose space you moved through. You can use Acrobatics instead of Athletics for this check.

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