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The Aasimar are seen as beacons of hope and light, having descended from angelic beings, creatures who are a living part of the good-aligned Outer Planes. While they are certainly inclined towards that behavior, courtesy of their bloodline, they are not all good, nor are they all benevolent. Just like other creatures they learn from their experiences, good and bad, and shape their behavior accordingly. They do tend to become something of social chameleons as they have no people to call their own, and often find their homes among other races.

Most aasimar see themselves as a hybrid between their humanoid (usually human) heritage and that of their angelic ancestors. They task themselves with the betterment of those around them, often rising to positions of importance in the culture where they grew up, drawing upon their inherited personal magnetism to impress those around them. Some become fascinated with learning about other people and will often be the voice of reason when dealing with outsiders, especially those with some form of mixed heritage (like half-elves and half-orcs).

If you want to play a character who continually questions the supposedly inherent good in themselves, and the world around them, and who struggles with whether they live up to their heritage, you should play an aasimar.

Hit Points


Size Medium

Speed 25 feet

Ability Boosts

Ability Flaw


  • Celestial
  • Common
  • Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if it’s positive). Choose from Abyssal, Draconic, Elven, Infernal, and any other languages to which you have access (such as the languages prevalent in your region).

Traits Aasimar


Low-light Vision

You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, so you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light.

You Might…

  • Get along with others, at the expense of your own wellbeing.
  • Believe the best about everyone.
  • Carefully consider every option before committing to a plan of any kind.

Others Probably…

  • Think that you’re some sort of angel.
  • Find it difficult to understand your perspective on things, especially when it comes to giving others a second chance.
  • See you as too nice for your own good, gullible, or feel that you talk to them in the same manner that you would a child.

Physical Description

Aasimar stand around 6 feet tall, and a powerful 150 pounds, lighter than a human of the same build due to hollow, but strong bones, though this can vary as aasimar descended from gnomes or halflings stand much shorter than those descended from elves or humans.

Generally, the aasimar have clear skin and regular, almost perfect features. They are in good shape and resemble near perfect specimens of their parent’s race. While they resemble their parents, hidden in the bloodline of the aasimar are traces of their outsider progenitor.

The legacy of this angelic blood can manifest in many ways. Some aasimar have a unique eye or skin color, vestigial wings, or even a visible halo. Only rarely do these reminders of their celestial ancestors detract from the beauty of the aasimar, instead lending them an air of the divine.

Aasimar dress in bright colors, though they take their cues from the culture of their birth and the culture where they currently live. Aasimar do not dress in bland clothes unless trying to hide or fit in, but even then they’ll find a bright color to accent their outfit. Most aasimar wear their hair long unless inconvenient, luxuriating in the feel and loving the wind blowing through their hair, sending it flying in a glorious, dazzling display.

Aasimar age at the same pace as their parent’s race, so an aasimar born to human parents reaches the age of physical maturity around the age of 15, though sometimes they mature slightly slower. They live to around the same time as their parents, so an aasimar born to humans could expect to live to be around 90, while one born to elven parents would likely live to be around 600.

Random Height and Weight

Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 5 ft. 2 in. +2d8 in. 110 lbs. +(2d8x5 lbs.)
Female 5 ft. 0 in. +2d8 in. 90 lbs. +(2d8x5 lbs.)


Aasimar are raised within their parents culture, and absorb the customs, preferences, and prejudices of the society they’re raised within. This means that any two aasimar could have wildly divergent worldviews. Due to their personal magnetism, and their general ability to plan ahead, many aasimar become leaders within their societies, working as civic leaders, sheriffs, and champions of a cause. They’ll put the community first, a leftover from their celestial origins, though whether that means working within the accepted structure of any given community or working to tear it down depends on the aasimar in question. Even in those communities that shun the aasimar, they’ll become leaders, just of a very different sort, being drawn to places where outcasts gather and instead become a leader of them, such as the master of a thieves’ guild.

Alignment & Religion

Aasimar are idealistic creatures, believing in the good in all beings. They’ll go out of their way to help the needy, but have no preference as to whether they should do so according to the law or by breaking the system. As such, they tend to range from lawful good to chaotic good. When it comes to deities, aasimar worship the deities of good, tending towards those that encourage putting community and family above the needs of the individual. Some engage in ancestor worship, praying to their celestial forebear, though these aasimar are rare.


Aasimars do not have a separate tradition of naming themselves, as they take the names of the culture or society in which they are raised. For most of them, due to their obvious celestial nature, these names tend to carry some form of positive meaning, such as hope or love, in line with their perceived nature at birth.

On occasion, aasimar will name themselves and they will generally emulate the names of their outsider forebears.

Sample Names

Aaidyn, Abi, Adonis, Adriel, Arthur, Breanna, Caden, Caleb, Candace, Celeste, Chriss, Dann, Darien, Diana, Edden, Eleanor, Evann, Gabriel, Gaige, Galen, Maol, Rae, Sade, Truth, Verity

Aasimar Adventurers

Aasimar adventure to help others, questing to rescue those in distress and finding lost treasure or rediscovering forgotten ruins in the process. In short, they adventure out of a wish to assist those in need and are spurred on by a sense of wonder.

Typical backgrounds for an aasimar include acolyte, barrister, emissary, noble, and scholar. Aasimar often become bards or sorcerers, drawing upon their innate personal magnetism and strength, while others draw upon their wise nature to become clerics or druids.

Aasimar Heritages

With their varied ancestors and the history of celestial interference in the lives of mortals, it is no surprise that there are many types of aasimar. Choose one of the following aasimar heritages at 1st level.

Angelkin (Angel Heritage)

Angels were among the first creations introduced to the multiverse, beautiful in aspect, and tied by a strong moral code to one deity or another. You carry these traits deep within you. When you make a Diplomacy check to make an impression, you improve the degree of success by one step when dealing with good-aligned creatures.

Idylkin (Agathion Heritage)

Agathions are animal-like celestials, and you carry the physical marks of that heritage in the form of markings, light fur, or feathered ears. This gives you a supernatural ability to communicate with and calm animals. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Nature checks when using the Command An Animal action. Furthermore, you can use it on unfriendly (though not hostile) animals.

Lawbringer (Archon Heritage)

Archons are paragons of law and good, they are the enemies of all evil, fighting on the front lines against the forces of evil outsiders in particular. You’ve inherited some of the abilities of your forebears, and whenever you score a critical hit with a Melee Strike against creatures with the evil and outsider traits, they are stunned for one round.

Muse-touched (Azata Heritage)

Azatas are the free spirits of the good-aligned outsiders, roaming at will, and doing good wherever the winds take them. Like your ancestors, you’re difficult to tie down, and you get a +1 circumstance bonus when using the Escape action. Furthermore, all effects that give you the paralyzed, petrified, or stunned conditions are reduced by 1, down to a minimum of 1. For example, if you’d get stunned 2 from a spell, you only get stunned 1, or if suffer an effect with a duration of 1d6 rounds, it would now be 1d6–1.

Aasimar Ancestry Feats

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). As an aasimar, you select from among the following ancestry feats.

1st Level

Blood of the Fallen Feat 1


An ancestor of yours fell to the lure of evil eons ago, which has partially corrupted your bloodline. You can take tiefling racial feats, and you gain the tiefling trait, in addition to the aasimar and humanoid traits.

Celestial Magic Feat 1


Your connection to the Outer Planes grants you a divine innate spell, much like those of angels. Choose one cantrip from the divine spell list. You can cast this spell as a divine innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level, rounded up.

Celestial Resistance Feat 1


You have a remarkable adaptation to hostile environments from ancestors who inhabited the outer planes. This grants you acid resistance equal to half your level (minimum 1), and you gain the vestigial wings. These are not strong enough to allow you to fly, but you can use them to, as a reaction, cause a strong wind in your square. This allows you to dissipate spells and effects such as the smoke created by a smokestick.

Divine Grace Feat 1


Divine Grace [Reaction]

Trigger You are targeted by a spell that allows a saving throw.

Your ancestor’s innate resistance to magic surges, before slowly ebbing down. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to the triggering saving throw.

Extend Shield Feat 1


Extend Shield [Reaction]

Trigger An ally within 5 feet is attacked with a melee or ranged weapon.

You instinctively move your shield to protect your ally. They gain your shield’s circumstance bonus to AC against that attack only. You lose the bonuses from the shield until the end of your next turn and cannot use the Raise a Shield action until the end of your next turn.

Pierce the Darkness Feat 1


Not all aasimar have the ability to see in the dark, but you have inherited this ability from your ancestors. You can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light. Unlike normal darkvision you can still see colors, rather than being limited to black and white.

5th Level

Angelic Magic Feat 5


Prerequisites at least one divine innate spell

Your connection to your ancestors and the wellspring of magic grows stronger, and you gain the ability to cast searing light once per day.

Brightest Day and Darkest Night Feat 5


Whenever you cast spells with the light trait they are automatically heightened (+1). Such spells also automatically increase the light level in a 30-foot radius around you by one step for one round. For example, if you cast searing light in an area of darkness, then a 30-foot radius around you counts as dim light for the following round.

Fiend Slayer Feat 5


Within you beats the heart of an avenger, you are an enemy of all that is wrong with the multiverse. As such you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to damage with weapons and spells against creatures with the fiend traits. If your attack would deal more than one die of damage (as is common at higher levels than 1st), the bonus is equal to the number of weapon dice or spell attack dice instead.

Incorruptible Feat 5


You’ve inherited some of the nature of your ancestors, making you incredibly difficult to coerce. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to all saving throws against spells or effects with the mental trait. If you roll a success on a saving throw against a mental effect, you get a critical success instead.

Shield Exemplar Feat 5


Prerequisites Armored Might

By now you’ve become a staunch defender, and you are a formidable obstacle for opponents to overcome, thanks to the strong connections with your celestial ancestors. As such, when you use the Raise a Shield ability, you now apply the shield’s circumstance bonus to your Reflex saves. For example, if you have a wooden shield with a +2 circumstance bonus to AC and you use Raise a Shield, you get the +2 bonus to both your AC and your Reflex saving throws.

Spirit of the Poet Feat 5


You’re able to see the good in most people, and you unconsciously show that appreciation for them. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks against intelligent good-aligned creatures, as long as you share a language. You also gain this bonus on Perception checks to Sense the Motives of such creatures.

Vestigial Wings Feat 5


You sprout vestigial wings on your back, and while these are not strong enough for you to fly, they enable you to levitate for a number of rounds equal to your level, per day. You cannot levitate further than 10 feet above the ground.

9th Level

Armored Might Feat 9


Prerequisites Shield Exemplar

One of your ancestors was on the front lines of the war against evil, and your blood connection with your ancestor grows stronger as you experience more of the real world. Through these experiences and the power of your blood, you’ve learned to make the most of armor. When wearing medium or heavy armor, you reduce the Strength requirement by 2 and Speed Penalty by 5 feet. For example, full plate normally reduces your speed by –10 feet, but with this feat it only reduces it by –5 feet or 0 feet if you fulfill the Strength requirement, which is in turn reduced to 16.

Guardian of Life Feat 9


Your connection to the good-aligned Outer Planes has grown, and you become a conduit of life. If you rest for 10 minutes, you can designate a single ally. That ally gains Hit Points equal to their Constitution modifier x half your level. This healing is cumulative with any healing they receive from other sources.

Halo Crown Feat 9


A halo appears around your head, taking the shape of a crown, as a tangible reminder of your majestic heritage. As an innate divine spell, you can cast circle of protection once per day. This only works against evil creatures. Furthermore, any creatures with the fiend or undead traits within the 10 feet radius of the circle take 1d6 good damage each round that they remain within the radius.

13th Level

Celestial Rampart Feat 13


Prerequisite Armored Might

Whenever you use the Raise a Shield action, you provide cover for anyone behind you. You count as standard cover for any ally within 5 feet provided you are between the enemy and the ally. You do not provide cover for yourself when doing so, but you do gain the normal benefits from Raise a Shield, as usual.

Suffer Not the Unclean Feat 13


Prerequisites Halo Crown

Your Halo Crown now affects all evil creatures, dealing 2d6 points of damage to them while they’re within the radius (and double damage to creatures with the fiend or undead traits).

Presented below are random features an aasimar might possess. None of the following features grant characters any special power in excess of their usual abilities. Roll once on the table below to determine your celestial features, or pick one or more you like.

d100 Feature
01–02 Your hair always smells like a spring meadow in the early morning.
03–04 Your eyes are a clear, icy-blue that grows paler, almost white, when angry.
05–06 Birds and small animals flock to you whenever you settle down for the night, often eating directly from your hands.
07–08 No matter the conditions, your hair is always naturally perfect.
09–10 Your skin is a pale white, almost alabaster color, but you never get sunburned.
11–12 Your head is surrounded by a translucent halo.
13–14 Wherever you are, the weather always seems to be better just around you, as if you had your own personal weather effect.
15–16 You have round, red cheeks, like those of a cherub, giving you a healthy appearance.
17–18 You constantly hear very faint soothing harp music.
19–20 Your feet always seems to have green stains on them, as if you’ve waded through freshly-mown grass.
21–22 You like to pray to your ancestors at the end of each day. You never know if they listen, but it can’t hurt, right?
23–24 Regardless of the situation, you always hold your head high and walk with pride.
25–26 You’re unusually light on your feet, often unintentionally startling those around you.
27–28 Church music always relaxes you.
29–30 On your shoulder blades are 2 bright birthmarks, in the shape of wings.
31–32 You have an affinity for fire, and when storytelling the closest fire seems to come alive with figures to match your tale.
33–34 When you sing, birds sing along with you.
35–36 You speak with authority, and your voice is a strong, deep bass that resonates in people’s hearts when they hear it.
37–38 Whenever you brandish your weapon, a short-lived aura of illusory fire surrounds the weapon.
39–40 Your ears are long and taper to a point like an elf’s, though they are not quite as long.
41–42 Your hair is the color of lustrous bronze.
43–44 Your skin resembles chrome or mercury.
45–46 You’re extremely well-proportioned, drawing attention from others easily.
47–48 Your eyes glow softly white in the dark.
49–50 Your nails are vividly colored, each one a different color to the next.
51–52 Your face is perfectly symmetrical, as if you were a sculpture.
53–54 White markings run across your face, accentuating your features, as if subtly underlining them.
55–56 When the sun is up, your hair is the color of gold, but when it goes down, it turns silver.
57–58 Even on the hottest days you’re still cool, thanks to a never-ending breeze that surrounds you.
59–60 Your hair moves of its own accord, matching your mood.
61–62 Your arms and hands leave glowing contrails when you move. The contrails dissipate in seconds.
63–64 Instead of being darker than the surrounding areas, your shadow is lighter, but still reacts to light and movement as normal.
65–66 Your skin glitters and shines.
67–68 Your sweat tastes of honey.
69–70 When wet, you smell like the ocean.
71–72 When you speak, the last word of every sentence you make seems to reverberate mentally with your audience.
73–74 When you move, people can hear faint wind chimes.
75–76 When you walk barefoot, flowers sprout in your footsteps.
77–78 You suffer from stigmata, as appropriate to your religion.
79–80 You sleep with your eyes open.
81–82 During the night, your eyes go black and stars appear in them, matching an unknown sky.
83–84 You are much warmer to the touch than normal.
85–86 You are much colder to the touch than normal.
87–88 No matter the circumstances, your skin and hair is always clean, though this doesn’t extend to your clothing.
89–90 When you clap your hands, a bell rings.
91–92 Your skin is as blue as the sky.
93–94 Your nails are completely white, and incredibly hard.
95–96 You have no body hair of any sort, though you still have hair on your head.
97–98 You appear to be androgynous.
99–00 Dogs follow you everywhere, as if they were attracted to you.


Aasimar have access to the following equipment.

Ambrosia Item 1+

Consumable Divine Elixir Good

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activation Interact
Upon consumption, this heavenly elixir, brewed from holy water and blessed herbs, you gain an item bonus to saving throws against negative energy, drained, and death effects for 1 hour. Ambrosia can otherwise be used as holy water.

Type lesser; Level 1; Price 3 gp: You gain a +2 item bonus.

Type moderate; Level 6; Price 35 gp: You gain a +3 item bonus.

Type greater; Level 10; Price 160 gp: You gain a +4 item bonus.

Type major; Level 14; Price 675 gp: You gain a +4 item bonus and the duration increases by 1 hour.

Anointing Oil Item 1

Consumable Divine Good

Price 25 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activation Interact

This sacred oil, infused with aromatic spices and distilled holy water, may be applied to a creature while casting a harmless divine spell with a range of touch, increasing the casting time to a full-round action but the spell is also heightened (+1).

Celestial Censure Item 1

Divine Good

Price 50 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activation Interact

This blessed thurible holds up to 10 pieces of incense, and burns at a rate of 1 stick per hour. If a smokestick is added to the incense in the censer while it burns, creatures with the evil trait are dazzled for as long as they remain within the area of the resulting smoke.

Celestial Lamp Item 2

Divine Good

Price 300 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activation Interact

This polished lantern contains a continual flame and sheds light as a common lamp. If its font of consecrated crystal and metalwork is filled with holy water, the lamp’s light is sanctified for 24 hours, adding a +1 item bonus to the save DC of harm spells you cast against fiends and evil creatures within a 30-foot radius.

Incense Item 1


Price 1 sp
Activation Interact

This aromatic resin, imbued with fragrant oils, is often formed into sticks, cones, or balls and burned in ceremonies or during meditation. A piece of incense burns for 1 hour.

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