Name Type Publisher Source
Aasimar Redeemer monster
Abyssal Plague spell
Acid Arrow spell
Acid Splash spell
Acrobat background
Aeon creature-family
Aerial Form spell
Afflictions, Poisons & Diseases page
Air Bubble spell
Air Walk spell
Alarm spell
Alchemical Golem monster
Alchemist class
Alghollthu Master (Aboleth) monster
Alter Reality spell
Anathematic Reprisal spell
Ancestries page
Animal Companions page
Animal Form spell
Animal Messenger spell
Animal Vision spell
Animal Whisperer background
Animated Armor monster
Animated Broom monster
Animated Statue monster
Ankhrav monster
Ankylosaurus monster
Annis Hag monster
Ant Haul spell
Antimagic Field spell
Arbiter monster
Arboreal Regent monster
Arboreal Warden monster
Artisan background
Artist background
Astradaemon (Void Daemon) monster
Astral Deva (Emissary Angel) monster
Augury spell
Avatar spell
Awakened Tree monster
Axiomite monster
Azure Worm monster
Backgrounds page
Baleful Polymorph spell
Balisse (Confessor Angel) monster
Ball Python monster
Balor (Fire Demon) monster
Bane spell
Banishment spell
Banshee monster
Baomal monster
Barbarian class
Barbazu (Bearded Devil) monster
Bard class
Barghest monster
Barghest, Greater monster
Barkeep background
Barkskin spell
Barrister background
Basilisk monster
Bat, Giant monster
Bestiary page
Bind Soul spell
Bind Undead spell
Black Dragon monster
Black Pudding monster
Black Tentacles spell
Blade Barrier spell
Bless spell
Blindness spell
Blink spell
Bloodseeker monster
Blue Dragon monster
Blur spell
Boar monster
Boggard Scout monster
Boggard Swampseer monster
Boggard Warrior monster
Bounty Hunter background
Brain Collector monster
Brass Dragon monster
Breath of Life spell
Brine Shark monster
Brontosaurus monster
Bronze Dragon monster
Bugbear Thug monster
Bugbear Tormentor monster
Bulette monster
Bunyip monster
Burning Hands spell
Cacodaemon (Harvester Daemon) monster
Caligni Creeper monster
Caligni Dancer monster
Caligni Stalker monster
Calm Emotions spell
Cassisian (Archive Angel) monster
Cataclysm spell
Catfolk Pouncer monster
Cauthooj monster
Cave Bear monster
Centaur monster
Centipede Swarm monster
Ceustodaemon (Guardian Daemon) monster
Chain lightning spell
Champion class
Changeling Exile monster
Character Creation page
Charlatan background
Charm spell
Chill Touch spell
Chilling Darkness spell
Chimera monster
Choral (Choir Angel) monster
Chromatic Wall spell
Chuul monster
Cinder Rat monster
Circle of Protection spell
Clairaudience spell
Clairvoyance spell
Classes page
Clay Golem monster
Cleric class
Cloak of Colors spell
Cloaker monster
Cloud Giant monster
Cloudkill spell
Cockatrice monster
Collective Transposition spell
Color Spray spell
Command spell
Comprehend Language spell
Conditions page
Cone of Cold spell
Confusion spell
Contingency spell
Continual Flame spell
Control Water spell
Copper Dragon monster
Crafting & Treasure page
Crag Linnorm monster
Create Food spell
Create Water spell
Creation spell
Criminal background
Crimson Worm monster
Crisis of Faith spell
Crocodile monster
Crusade spell
Crushing Despair spell
Cyclops monster
Daeodon monster
Dancing Lights spell
Dandasuka monster
Dark Naga monster
Darkness spell
Darkvision spell
Daze spell
Deadly Mantis monster
Deafness spell
Death Knell spell
Death Ward spell
Deep Gnome Rockwarden monster
Deep Gnome Scout monster
Deep Gnome Warrior monster
Deinonychus monster
Deinosuchus monster
Demilich monster
Dero Magister monster
Dero Stalker monster
Dero Strangler monster
Desert Drake monster
Detect Alignment spell
Detect Magic spell
Detect Poison spell
Detect Scrying spell
Detective background
Dezullon monster
Dhampir Wizard monster
Dimension Door spell
Dimensional Anchor spell
Dimensional Lock spell
Dinosaur Form spell
Dire Wolf monster
Disappearance spell
Discern Lies spell
Discern Location spell
Disintegrate spell
Disjunction spell
Dispel Magic spell
Disrupt Undead spell
Disrupting Weapons spell
Divine Aura spell
Divine Decree spell
Divine Inspiration spell
Divine Lance spell
Divine Vessel spell
Divine Wrath spell
Djinni monster
Dog, Guard monster
Dominate spell
Doppelganger monster
Dragon Form spell
Dragon Turtle monster
Drakauthix monster
Dream Council spell
Dream Message spell
Dreaming Potential spell
Drider monster
Drop Dead spell
Drow Fighter monster
Drow Priestess monster
Drow Rogue monster
Druid class
Dryad monster
Dryad Queen (Hamadryad) monster
Duergar Bombardier monster
Duergar Sharpshooter monster
Duergar Taskmaster monster
Dullahan monster
Duplicate Foe spell
Duskwalker Ghost Hunter monster
Dwarf ancestry
Eagle monster
Earthbind spell
Earthquake spell
Eclipse Burst spell
Efreeti monster
Elananx monster
Electric Arc spell
Electric Eel monster
Elemental Avalanche monster
Elemental Form spell
Elemental Hurricane monster
Elemental Inferno monster
Elemental Tsunami monster
Elephant monster
Elf ancestry
Emissary background
Endure Elements spell
Energy Aegis spell
Enhance Victuals spell
Enlarge spell
Entangle spell
Entertainer background
Enthrall spell
Equipment page
Erinys (Fury Devil) monster
Ether Spider monster
Ethereal Jaunt spell
Ettin monster
Fabricated Truth spell
Faceless Stalker (Ugothol) monster
Faerie Dragon monster
Faerie Fire spell
False Life spell
False Vision spell
Farmhand background
Fear spell
Feather Fall spell
Feats page
Feeblemind spell
Feet To Fins spell
Field Medic background
Field of Life spell
Fiery Body spell
Fighter class
Finger of Death spell
Fire Giant monster
Fire Seeds spell
Fire Shield spell
Fireball spell
Firewyrm monster
Flame Drake monster
Flame Strike spell
Flaming Sphere spell
Flash Beetle monster
Fleet Step spell
Flesh Golem monster
Flesh to Stone spell
Floating Disk spell
Fly spell
Forbidding Ward spell
Foresight spell
Fortune Teller background
Freedom of Movement spell
Frost Drake monster
Frost Giant monster
Gambler background
Game Mastering page
Gancanagh (Passion Azata) monster
Gargoyle monster
Gaseous Form spell
Gate spell
Gelatinous Cube monster
Gelugon (Ice Devil) monster
Gentle Repose spell
Ghaele (Crusader Azata) monster
Ghast monster
Ghost Commoner monster
Ghost Mage monster
Ghost Sound spell
Ghostly Weapon spell
Ghoul monster
Ghoulish Cravings spell
Giant Anaconda monster
Giant Animated Statue monster
Giant Centipede monster
Giant Eagle monster
Giant Flytrap monster
Giant Frilled Lizard monster
Giant Gecko monster
Giant Mantis monster
Giant Moray Eel monster
Giant Rat monster
Giant Scorpion monster
Giant Stag Beetle monster
Giant Tarantula monster
Giant Viper monster
Giant Wasp monster
Gibbering Mouther monster
Gimmerling monster
Glabrezu (Treachery Demon) monster
Gladiator background
Glibness spell
Glitterdust spell
Globe of Invulnerability spell
Glossary page
Glyph of Warding spell
Gnoll Cultist monster
Gnoll Hunter monster
Gnoll Sergeant monster
Gnome ancestry
Goblin ancestry
Goblin Commando monster
Goblin Dog monster
Goblin Pox spell
Goblin Pyro monster
Goblin War Chanter monster
Goblin Warrior monster
Gogiteth monster
Gold Dragon monster
Goliath Spider monster
Gorilla monster
Gourd Leshy monster
Graveknight monster
Grease spell
Great Cyclops monster
Great White Shark monster
Greater Nightmare monster
Green Dragon monster
Green Hag monster
Griffon monster
Grig monster
Grikkitog monster
Grim Reaper monster
Grim Tendrils spell
Grizzly Bear monster
Grothlut monster
Guard background
Guardian Naga monster
Gug monster
Guidance spell
Gust of Wind spell
Guthallath monster
Halfling ancestry
Hallucination spell
Hallucinatory Terrain spell
Harm spell
Harpy monster
Haste spell
Heal spell
Hell Hound monster
Herbalist background
Hermit background
Heroism spell
Hideous Laughter spell
Hill Giant monster
Hive Mother monster
Hobgoblin General monster
Hobgoblin Soldier monster
Holy Cascade spell
Home page
Homunculus monster
Horned Archon monster
Horrid Wilting spell
Horse monster
Human ancestry
Humanoid Form spell
Hunter background
Hyaenodon monster
Hydra monster
Hydraulic Push spell
Hydraulic Torrent spell
Hyena monster
Hypercognition spell
Hypnotic Pattern spell
Ice Linnorm monster
Illusory Creature spell
Illusory Disguise spell
Illusory Object spell
Illusory Scene spell
Immunity spell
Imp monster
Implosion spell
Insect Form spell
Invisibility spell
Invisibility Sphere spell
Invisible Stalker monster
Iron Golem monster
Item Facade spell
Janni monster
Jinkin monster
Jump spell
Jungle Drake monster
Keketar monster
Knock spell
Know Direction spell
Kobold Dragon Mage monster
Kobold Scout monster
Kobold Warrior monster
Kolyarut monster
Kraken monster
Krooth monster
Laborer background
Lamia monster
Lamia Matriarch monster
Languages page
Lantern Archon monster
Leaf Leshy monster
Legion Archon monster
Lemure monster
Leopard monster
Lesser Death monster
Leukodaemon (Pestilence Daemon) monster
Levitate spell
Lich monster
Light spell
Lightning Bolt spell
Lillend (Muse Azata) monster
Lion monster
Living Landslide monster
Living Waterfall monster
Living Whirlwind monster
Lizardfolk Defender monster
Lizardfolk Scout monster
Lizardfolk Stargazer monster
Locate spell
Lock spell
Longstrider spell
Lyrakien (Wanderer Azata) monster
Mage Armor spell
Mage Hand spell
Magic Aura spell
Magic Fang spell
Magic Missile spell
Magic Mouth spell
Magic Weapon spell
Magnificent Mansion spell
Mammoth monster
Manticore monster
Marid monster
Marilith (Pride Demon) monster
Mariner’s Curse spell
Martial Disciple background
Mask of Terror spell
Massacre spell
Maze spell
Medusa monster
Megalodon monster
Megaprimatus monster
Meld into Stone spell
Mending spell
Mephit, Air monster
Mephit, Earth monster
Mephit, Fire monster
Mephit, Water monster
Merchant background
Merfolk Warrior monster
Merfolk Wavecaller monster
Message spell
Meteor Swarm spell
Mimic monster
Mind Blank spell
Mind Probe spell
Mind Reading spell
Mindlink spell
Miner background
Minotaur monster
Miracle spell
Mirror Image spell
Misdirection spell
Mislead spell
Mitflit monster
Modify Memory spell
Moment of Renewal spell
Monk class
Monstrosity Form spell
Moon Frenzy spell
Morrigna monster
Mu Spore monster
Mukradi monster
Mummy Guardian monster
Mummy Pharaoh monster
Naiad monster
Naiad Queen monster
Nature Incarnate spell
Nature’s Enmity spell
Naunet monster
Negate Aroma spell
Nessian Warhound monster
Neutralize Poison spell
Night Hag monster
Nightmare monster
Nightmare spell
Nilith monster
Noble background
Nomad background
Nondetection spell
Nosoi monster
Obscuring Mist spell
Ochre Jelly monster
Octopus, Giant monster
Ofalth monster
Ogre Boss monster
Ogre Glutton monster
Ogre Warrior monster
Orc Brute monster
Orc Warchief monster
Orc Warrior monster
Otyugh monster
Outcast’s Curse spell
Overwhelming Presence spell
Owlbear monster
Paralyze spell
Paranoia spell
Pass Without Trace spell
Passwall spell
Pegasus monster
Pest Form spell
Phantasmal Calamity spell
Phantasmal Killer spell
Phantom Pain spell
Phantom Steed spell
Phistophilus (Contract Devil) monster
Phoenix monster
Pit Fiend (Tyrant Devil) monster
Pixie monster
Plague Zombie monster
Plane Shift spell
Plant Form spell
Playing the Game page
Pleroma monster
Polar Ray spell
Poltergeist monster
Poracha monster
Possession spell
Power Word Blind spell
Power Word Kill spell
Power Word Stun spell
Prestidigitation spell
Primal Herd spell
Primal Phenomenon spell
Prismatic Sphere spell
Prismatic Spray spell
Prismatic Wall spell
Prisoner background
Private Sanctum spell
Produce Flame spell
Project Image spell
Protection spell
Prying Eye spell
Pteranodon monster
Pugwampi monster
Punishing Winds spell
Purify Food and Drink spell
Purple Worm monster
Purple Worm Sting spell
Quasit monster
Quatoid monster
Quelaunt monster
Quetzalcoatlus monster
Raise Dead spell
Raja Rakshasa monster
Ranger class
Rat Swarm monster
Ratfolk Grenadier monster
Ray of Enfeeblement spell
Ray of Frost spell
Read Aura spell
Read Omens spell
Red Dragon monster
Redcap monster
Reefclaw monster
Regenerate spell
Remake spell
Remorhaz monster
Remove Curse spell
Remove Disease spell
Remove Fear spell
Remove Paralysis spell
Repulsion spell
Resilient Sphere spell
Resist Energy spell
Resplendent Mansion spell
Restoration spell
Restore Senses spell
Retrocognition spell
Reverse Gravity spell
Revival spell
Riding Dog monster
Righteous Might spell
Rituals page
River Drake monster
Roc monster
Rogue class
Rope Trick spell
Roper monster
Rune Giant monster
Rust Monster monster
Sailor background
Salamander monster
Sanctified Ground spell
Sanctuary spell
Satyr monster
Scholar background
Scintillating Pattern spell
Scout background
Scrying spell
Sea Devil Baron monster
Sea Devil Brute monster
Sea Devil Scout monster
Sea Hag monster
Sea Serpent monster
Searing Light spell
Secret Page spell
See Invisibility spell
Sending spell
Sewer Ooze monster
Shadow monster
Shadow Blast spell
Shadow Siphon spell
Shadow Walk spell
Shadow, Greater monster
Shaitan monster
Shambler monster
Shape Stone spell
Shape Wood spell
Shapechange spell
Shatter spell
Shemhazian (Mutilation Demon) monster
Shield spell
Shield Archon monster
Shield Other spell
Shillelagh spell
Shining Child monster
Shocking Grasp spell
Shoggoth monster
Shrink spell
Shrink Item spell
Shuln monster
Sigil spell
Silence spell
Silver Dragon monster
Simurgh monster
Sinspawn monster
Skeletal Champion monster
Skeletal Horse monster
Skeletal Hulk monster
Skeleton Guard monster
Skills page
Skulltaker monster
Skum (Ulat-Kini) monster
Sleep spell
Slow spell
Slurk monster
Smilodon monster
Snapping Flytrap monster
Sod Hound monster
Solid Fog spell
Soothe spell
Sorcerer class
Soulbound Doll monster
Sound Burst spell
Speak with Animals spell
Speak with Plants spell
Spectral Hand spell
Spells page
Spellwrack spell
Sphinx monster
Spider Climb spell
Spider Sting spell
Spider Swarm monster
Spider, Hunting monster
Spirit Blast spell
Spirit Link spell
Spirit Song spell
Spiritual Epidemic spell
Spiritual Guardian spell
Spiritual Weapon spell
Sprite monster
Stabilize spell
Status spell
Stegosaurus monster
Stinking Cloud spell
Stone Giant monster
Stone Golem monster
Stone Mauler monster
Stone Tell spell
Stone To Flesh spell
Stoneskin spell
Storm Giant monster
Storm Lord monster
Storm of Vengeance spell
Street Urchin background
Subconscious Suggestion spell
Succubus (Lust Demon) monster
Suggestion spell
Summon Animal spell
Summon Celestial spell
Summon Construct spell
Summon Dragon spell
Summon Elemental spell
Summon Entity spell
Summon Fey spell
Summon Fiend spell
Summon Giant spell
Summon Plant or Fungus spell
Sunburst spell
Synaptic Pulse spell
Synesthesia spell
Talking Corpse spell
Tanglefoot spell
Tangling Creepers spell
Tarn Linnorm monster
Telekinetic Haul spell
Telekinetic Maneuver spell
Telekinetic Projectile spell
Telepathic Bond spell
Telepathic Demand spell
Telepathy spell
Teleport spell
Tengu Sneak monster
Terotricus monster
Tidal Master monster
Tiefling Adept monster
Tiger monster
Time Stop spell
Tinker background
Tongues spell
Tor Linnorm monster
Touch of Idiocy spell
Tree Shape spell
Tree Stride spell
Triceratops monster
Troll monster
True Seeing spell
True Strike spell
True Target spell
Turning spell
Tyrannosaurus monster
Uncontrollable Dance spell
Undetectable Alignment spell
Unfathomable Song spell
Unfettered Pack spell
Unicorn monster
Unrelenting Observation spell
Unseen Servant spell
Uthul monster
Vampire Bat Swarm monster
Vampire Count monster
Vampire Mastermind monster
Vampire Spawn Rogue monster
Vampiric Exsanguination spell
Vampiric Touch spell
Veil spell
Veiled Master (Vidileth) monster
Velociraptor monster
Ventriloquism spell
Vibrant Pattern spell
Viper monster
Visions of Danger spell
Vital Beacon spell
Voidworm monster
Volcanic Eruption spell
Vrock (Wrath Demon) monster
Wail of the Banshee spell
Wall of Fire spell
Wall of Force spell
Wall of Ice spell
Wall of Stone spell
Wall of Thorns spell
Wall of Wind spell
Wanderer’s Guide spell
Warg monster
Warp Mind spell
Warrior background
Warsworn monster
Wasp Swarm monster
Water Breathing spell
Water Walk spell
Weapon of Judgment spell
Weapon Storm spell
Web spell
Web Lurker monster
Weird spell
Wemmuth monster
Wendigo monster
Werebear monster
Wererat monster
Werewolf monster
White Dragon monster
Wight monster
Will-o-Wisp monster
Wind Walk spell
Winter Wolf monster
Wish spell
Wizard class
Wolf Packs monster
Wraith monster
Wyvern monster
Xorn monster
Xulgath Leader monster
Xulgath Skulker monster
Xulgath Warrior monster
Yeti monster
Zaramuun monster
Zealous Conviction spell
Zephyr Hawk monster
Zombie Brute monster
Zombie Shambler monster
Zone of Truth spell